Useful Links      

The following are a list of links to external websites, articles and blogs which may be of help to you. TheO6 project can not take responsibilty for the content of these necessarily, but would hope that you are able to find the help or information you are looking for: 



    If you want someone to talk to over the phone - who is outside of the local area, confidentially : or 0800 1111     

    For help with alcohol related issues :

    For Mental health:

    If you or you know of someone doing through relationship breakdown, or domestic abuse :

    If you have or know of someone who is the victim of sexual abuse contact :

    For the local police (non emergency) ring 101

    For information about drugs contact : or

    If you would like an opportunity to volunteer locally and get experience contact :

    Homelessness or housing issues : or


    James and the team are always about to help also, however, the websites above may be able to give you the advice or information you are looking for if you just want to find out something in your own time. 


Local Resources in Ottery

The following places might be able to assist you in Ottery:


Young persons Health team - based at the community hospital

Youth Services- Station youth centre  - 01404 814490

East Devon voluntary service might know of people who may be able to help in regard to mental health, young carers, volunteering and they can be contacted on 01404 549 045

If you know of someone in a vulnerable position, and you are concerned for their welfare from a child protection point of view - call MASH on 0345 1551071 and see here for more details:


If you know of someone who is struggling with money, and, as a result is in need of food, a local foodbank has been set up, to access this provision contact a local health/social worker, or via Citizens advice or James ( who will help you with this. they can be directly on









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